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Your visit to Turkey won’t be complete without enjoying a sweating opportunity at a Hammam.

A Hammam, commonly known as a Turkish bath, is Turkey’s own version of a sauna or steam bath, which primarily centers on using water instead of ambient steam.

The first step of taking a Turkish bath is entering what is called the warm room, wherein you’ll start to sweat due to a constant stream of hot, dry air. Following this, you’ll be transferred to the hot room, which is similar to the previous room, but only hotter. You’ll then have to splash cold water to your body before completely washing your entire body and getting a massage. The process ends by relaxing in a cooling room.

Learn more about hammam in this slideshow clip prepared by Mervy Leong, who shares,

During my recent visit to Istanbul, I have committed to making a short multimedia photo essay about travel or lifestyle as homework for the Foundry Photoworkshop 2010. After some tinkering, I came up with the idea of documenting the spiritual and social effects of the Turkish Baths a.k.a. Hammams. I made a few visits to the famous historical hammams in Istanbul and after lots of sweat and blood, please find the final product from my hard work.

So get started with your next trip to Turkey today!

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