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Looking for a skiing adventure in the Alps? Then there’s one Italian region that is highly recommended!

A plan for a good Italian skiing trip should lead you to the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, wherein the Alps are found on its northern side.

It is in here where you’ll find several alpine ski resorts like the Forni di Sopra, Ampezzo, Claut and Chiusaforte-Sella Nevea. In addition to this, you could also treat yourself to seeing beautiful alpine lakes, such as the Barcis, Vajont and Tramonti. Get a good look at the Italian Alps in this travel clip uploaded by Matty Brown, who further shares his Alps experience below:

I'm a shy, awkward guy. I was dropped in the middle of the wintry Italian alps of Friuli Venezia Giulia, left to wander and experience whatever lay ahead. I met stranger after stranger who greeted me with a glass of wine and open arms; smiles as big as the mountains we conquered. They took me on a journey I will never forget. The interest they had in making sure I got out of my shell and had the experience of my life is so unheard of. In such a short period of time these strangers became family, untangling my shy soul and packed in the audacious and inspiring life I have always been journeying toward. What a happy and beautiful people.

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