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Wonder how it feels like to board the biggest cruise ship in the world? Then a ticket to a Royal Caribbean cruise tour is just what you need!


While the new cruise ship of Royal Caribbean, namely Oasis of the Seas, is incontestably huge, there won’t be a moment that you feel like you’re walking in a vast empty space as its architecture and neighborhood idea will neither disappoint nor suffocate you.

One of the must-do’s in the ship is the multileveled theatre’s performance show of “Hairspray”, and a great hangout is the amazing Central Park, which particularly provides a variety of exciting tours of foliage and art, yummy treats like sandwiches and salads in its Park Café and cozy chairs where you can read a good book.

See more of the Oasis of the Seas in the clip shot by Tom Markz who really had an awesome time during the entire cruise trip.

So begin your next travel plans as early as now!