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Where to Go to Experience Unusual Fall Festivals

New England offers different activities and unique experiences during fall in different destinations. Hay rides, hot apple cider, pumpkin patches, and wild turkeys are just some hints that fall is coming. Festivals, leaf peeping, and wine tasting are others that you can enjoy as well.

Fall Festivals in New England have a wide range of activities: from films to food, arts, and crafts. One of their festivals is Oyster Festival in Wellfleet, MA which happens in early October. Enjoy your day or even night in this Oyster Festival and while you’re having the time of your life, you’ll get to help those who are in need because proceeds of this festival will go to scholarship programs of their chosen colleges. This is a non profit organization devoted to shellfishing and aquaculture industries. Chowder Days is also a festival in Mystic Connecticut which happens during the early October. In this event, there are seven different chowders to choose from along with clam cakes and assorted gourmet sandwiches. Other desserts and beverages are on site as well. Enjoy live music while eating or climb aboard the steamboat for leaf-peeping from the water.

International Film Festival in Martha’s Vineyard, MA is also something to look forward to during fall. This event happens during mid September. Get to watch different films produced by different countries and learn more about their culture and their people through the movies.

Meet new people, taste extraordinary food and wine, and listen to great music this fall in New England.


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