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Top ten dog friendly cities in the USA

Let’s face it, dog lovers would want to include their dogs when enjoying a vacation. After all, dogs are part of the family too! Here are ten cities in the United States that spells a lot of fun for the entire family, including pet dogs.

  • Seattle, Washington. With 11 off-leash dog parks, you know your dogs will have some fun activities when you visit Seattle. The University Village Shopping Center is where you can shop with your dogs.
  •  Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The city has a number of dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries, and more than 20 dog parks in and around the city. 
  • Orlando, Florida. Aside from being a family-friendly city, Orlando is dog-friendly too! It has  7 off-leash dog parks, 9 grooming facilities, 13 pet stores, and nine vet clinics.
  • Phoenix, Arizona. The city has 6 off-leash dog parks and 8 dog-friendly hiking trails. You can also enjoy a hot air balloon ride with your pets! It also offers more than 20 dog sitting and walking service options, if in case you need to so some errands without your dogs in tow.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada. Who would have thought that this city is very dog-friendly. It has 25 off-leash parks, 12 vet clinics, and a number of hotels that will welcome you and your pets. Don’t forget to bring them to Las Vegas Dock Dogs where they can cool down in a doggie-only pool.
  • San Francisco, California. The city boasts of 57 off-leash dog parks, 5 dog beaches where you can roll in the sand and enjoy the water with them, and take a one hour bay cruise as long as they are on-leash.
  • Chicago, Illinois.  A trip to Chicago means you have to spend some time in Navy Pier, and your dogs are welcomed to join you in its common areas. It has 23 dog parks, and 3 dog beaches. You can also enjoy a Mercury Canine Cruise or a Seadog Cruise with them.
  • Tucson, Arizona. The city is known for its annual Pitbulooza festival in honor of National Pit Bull Awareness day, which means it is truly a dog-friendly city. It has 15 dog parks, 4 dog friendly hiking trails, and you can visit the Pima Air and Space Museum with them as long as they are on-leash.
  • San Diego, California. Bring your dogs to the city and enjoy the National Dog Party Day and the Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon. It has 17 dog parks, 9 dog friendly hiking trails, and 3 dog beaches. Don’t forget to bring them to the San Diego Wine & Culinary Center where they are very much welcomed.
  • Portland, Oregon. The city does not only boast of attractions you and your family will enjoy, it is also where your dogs can have fun too! It has 40 dog parks, and 12 dog friendly hiking trails. You can also bring them to the International Rose Test Garden where you can roam around with them, Plum Hill Vineyards where you can enjoy wine sampling while they are busy with their own treats, and the Grotto which, if you are visiting on the third Sunday of July, offers the Blessing of the Animals.

You do not have to worry about your pets when visiting these cities. They might even refuse to leave! Consult your travel agent for more details.