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Roaming charges can sneak up on you unawares - especially when travelling. You can avoid receiving a huge bill with a few simple options.

Tips to Avoid Big Roaming Charges When Travelling Abroad

"On a trip to Germany, Rick Palmer — iPhone in tow — went about his business and came home to a $2,400 wireless bill. Palmer, an engineer by training who manages the education department at Jive Software in Portland, Oregon, thought he had prepared his cell phone plan to avoid just that sort of problem.”

Has this ever happened to you? It's just one of the many horror stories of travelers overburdened by roaming charges. Don't be another victim!

First of all, make sure that your phone works abroad - not all phones have that capability. If yours doesn't, consider getting a cheap, pay-as-you-go phone while overseas. They're easy, convenient and won't eat away at your travel budget. 

If you do own an unlocked phone, one option is to go to a local cell phone store at your destination and purcahse a new SIM card that has credit on it. Just give your friends and family the temporary number where they can reach you.

Some people also choose to rent a phone - there are plenty of companies to choose from, like CellularAbroad  and TravelCell. Look over the prices carefully though so you don't end up spending just as much money.

Remember! Always connect to a wireless network whenever you can! At the airport, hotels, cafes, etc. The internet connection is free and you don't have to worry about network data fees or roaming charges.

If you're using an iPhone, make sure that the data roaming and other automatic data gathering features are turned off. Otherwise without you knowing it, your iPhone can download data that will turn into a huge bill.

Another option is to use Skype or Vonage for your phone calls provided that you're on a wireless network.  

Before you go, check our your phone carrier's policies and rates on their website.  Here are links to VerizonAT&T and T-Mobile. Familiarize yourself with the policies and decide on your cell strategy so you can travel stress free.



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