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The return of ellegance, Buenos Aires


The capital has bounced back relatively well from the economic collapse of 2001, however inflation remains high. Here, in this good looking and laid back city, top banks, insurance companies and large multinationals share city space with 12.7 million people. 

Almost all international flights arrive at Buenos Aires's Ezeiza airport, about 35km south of the centre. Ezeiza is a modern airport with good services such as ATMs, restaurants and duty-free shops. There's also an overpriced internet cafe and unreliable wi-fi. Take a taxi to your hotel as fares are cheap, but have small notes ready or else risk the driver not having change. Drivers do not expect a big tip, but it's customary to let them keep small change. Taxis looking for passengers will have a red light lit.

The city's residents 'porteos' are friendly and hospitable, but in business are savvy negotiators. Maintain eye contact when doing business in Argentina and bear in mind that meetings can be long. Decisions tend to come from the top, so it is best to make an appointment with a high-level person.


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