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Minimize your luggage clutter by bringing a compact charger that could juice up two devices, including your laptop.

A Typical Laptop



The Targus Premium Laptop Charger’s size is comparable to that of a BlackBerry Smartphone’s, but it has the convenient feature of charging not only your laptop but also another travel gadget from a socket and even when you’re in the car or on a flight.
So make sure you save more space inside your travel bag by purchasing this $140-travel gadget accessory. Learn more about the Targus Premium Laptop Charger in this review provided by CNET Reviews senior editor, named Joshua Goldman:
The Targus Premium Laptop Charger is not only a smaller, lighter package than the typical power pack, but its design is nice and the use of tips instead of fixed outputs allows you to use it for more than one system or device. The Premium package includes the power supply; charging cable; 11 tips including Mini-USB and Apple iPhone/iPod connectors; a car adapter; and an elastic band for cable management… If you don't need so many tips to start, Targus sells less-expensive packages with fewer included. The charger has a couple shortcomings, but all in all it's an excellent choice for those who need to replace a laptop charger or simply want a smaller one with more purpose than powering a notebook.
Read through the rest of his product review here, and juice up on the road with the help of the Targus Premium Laptop Charger.

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