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Want to keep your luggage in safety but are tired of airport security clipping your baggage lock? Then you should definitely purchase today’s featured travel accessory.

Secure Your Baggage with the Safe Skies TSA Luggage Strap

Included in the only brand of baggage locks that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) could unlock without resorting to clipping, the Safe Skies TSA Luggage Strap effectively secures your travel bag from opening and saves you from buying different locks every time you travel.

Using a combination lock that TSA agents could use to open this luggage strap, they could also quickly relock this with the use of a master key. If in case it’s been damaged or clipped in the process of inspection, you’ll be rest assured that you can have it replaced without any fee.

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All Safe Skies luggage locks are officially accepted and recognized by TSA and HMRC, making them an ideal choice for air travelers flying between the UK and US, and those boarding domestic flights within the UK. The good news is that the TSA approved locks can be opened by airport security using master tools: the personnel recognize the orange torch symbol on the lock and know it’s a case of “open sesame” rather than “chop it off”… We tested out the Safe Skies TSA Flower Power lock, using one of our cabin bags as a handy prop. The plastic packaging opened (without any sharp edges!) to reveal a sturdy-looking combination lock and small instruction leaflet.

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