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You might think that its inexpensive menu merely offers bland Japanese food, but the three-star rating of this particular Japanese resto on West Spring Mountain Road will change your mind.

Satiate Your Hunger for Japanese Food at Raku Grill

Don’t judge Raku Grill by its affordable price or its modest location and size because the Japanese fares that come out of its kitchen are nothing close to the typical description of a cheap meal. For less than $14, you can order a quality Japanese dish, such as ground chicken, mini lamb chop, grilled duck and sealed foie gras, as well as unusual meals like Kobe beef liver and pork cheek and ear.

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As "Aburiya Raku" means "Charcoal Grill House Enjoyment", we would like you to enjoy our authentic Japanese food. Our goal is to see your smile! We use Kobe Beef from Oregon, free-range organic chicken from California, Kurobuta Pork from Iowa, well chosen fish air-shipped from Tsukiji, Japan. We offer our food with confidence by having selected ingredients prepared carefully to optimize the original flavor with chef’s skills.


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