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Rainforest Adventure in Costa Rica

Is Costa Rica your next destination? A place for nature lovers, you can experience a different kind of trail trekking in a rain forest adventure in Costa Rica or try out the aerial tram and canopy tours near the Limon and San Jose areas.

This tram tour lasts at most an hour and 30 minutes. The area being covered is just 2.6 kilometers through tree tops with a pace of 2 kilometers per hour, which will surely make you appreciate the view and clean, fresh air. This will give you enough time to have and enjoy leisure time with your group or family. The venue is also ideal for holding meetings and conventions as well as wedding celebrations and family tours.

Do you feel like doing something a little different? Try out the Rainforest Encounter, which is based on the “awakening’ of the rainforest. This is an interactive guided tour with local actors, dancers, and school children who will guide you throughout the tour. In order to make this trip a memorable one, they have added extra effort to the tours such as fine artistic presentations, local appeals, wild nature encounters, and great cuisine that you will definitely enjoy.

Surely, Costa Rica have worked hard to make their visitors have an unforgettable experience with the list of activities and unique representation of their place. They have invented new ways to tour the treetops to entice visitors to visit them. So try not to miss out on these modified tours and surely you will not regret the experience and knowledge you have gained. Book your holiday today!


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