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If you like seeing flowers all around the place, this is for you!

Cherry Blossom Festival Washington DC
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If you've never been to DC before, you might want to time your visit to the cherry blossoms. The Tidal Basin's cherry blossom trees (gifted to DC from Toyko) bloom into cotton candy-colored tufts every year as March turns into April, and they attract hordes of visitors.

You can enjoy the blossoms by walking along the Tidal Basin, paddle boating inside the basin or taking a cruise. But there are also other events associated with the festival, including a 10K, fireworks, concerts and more. Although the cherry blossoms are magnificent to behold, you will be enjoying the flowering trees (and many of the city's other top attractions) with throngs of other visitors. But like many of the city's museums and memorials, the cherry blossoms are free to enjoy (by walking), and you're almost guaranteed awesome pictures.

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