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London Cityscape against the River Thames

If you're planning a business trip to London, you're probably looking for a healthy combination of convenience and luxury - a close trip to your conferences or meetings, and plenty of hotel accommodations to ensure a smooth stay.  

Considering how expensive this city is, these types of hotels can be costly, so a more effective way to save travel cash (not only for your accommodation but for your food and drinks as well) is to get a hotel room a couple of minutes away from the city centre.

This is what The Inspector of the Daily Mail UK did as he opted for a £175-room in the newly-opened hotel chain that originated in Netherlands, namely CitizenM (“An Inspector Calls at… CitizenM, South London”). He found this hotel an “exciting place to stay in a great location” as it is strategically situated at the back of Tate Modern.

Here’s an excerpt from his review:

-- offering trailblazing technology, grown-up service, an easy-going atmosphere and a self confidence that never strays into arrogance. It's quirky, too. You check yourself in at terminals by the door where there is plenty of bright-eyed staff ready to help out if you press the wrong buttons… The whole of the ground floor is open-plan, but cleverly broken up by bookcases, modern sofas, tables and, at its heart, a big bar where you can perch on a stool and order whatever you want 24 hours a day. There's lot of attitude (and art) and yet it's all wonderfully relaxed. Behind the bar there's a hot-and-cold buffet and a fridge stacked with sushi.

Check out the rest of his hotel review here, and know how high or low he has rated London’s CitizenM Hotel.

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