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Are you constantly on a globetrotting mission? Then saving on your flights will financially help you a lot!

Get the Cheapest Flights with Flightfox, a Premium Flight Finder

Flightfox simply requires your travel details and a finder’s fee of $24 (provided that you’ll fly in economy class), and then you could just sit back and relax, allowing the website’s Experts to find the cheapest deals of what you’re looking for.

Flightfox works best if you have complex flights ahead of you, yet you’ll be rest assured that they will give you the most affordable deals that they could find for any given flight. Nonetheless, expect that the finder’s fee will increase the more complex your flight is.

The good thing is that you could get your money back once you could produce an evidence that you’ve found a more affordable flight price compared to that found by the Expert. Learn more about Flightfox, and consider getting the cheapest flight with this premium flight finder in this review written on

The next day there was a flight for $784. $116 cheaper than what we had found. The “expert” wrote out the details of how to book the flight. We tried it and it didn’t work. Almost happy that it failed, we yelled in unison, “We are better than the experts!” as we jumped into the air and high-fived. We used the convenient “Private Questions and Answers” section to inform the expert. He promptly replied telling us to delete our cookies and try again. It worked! We were forced to admit defeat. “eurotripdon” you are a better flight searcher than us — we tip our giant two-person hat to you. Minus the $29 reward, our total savings came to $87.

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