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If you are looking for a repellent spray, this is for you!

ReviveX® Air Dry Waterproofing Spray by Gear Aid™

McNett REVIVEX Air Dry Water Proofing Spray is a high performance formula designed to create instant water repellency on outerwear, footwear and gear. 

The new spray is ideal for all types of breathable garments including those made with GORE-TEX fabric, event and other breathable membranes. If your coat has lost its repellency or if you have recently purchased a water repellent coat as opposed to a waterproof coat, the ReviveX Air Dry Waterproofing Spray will instantly add extra repellency without having to pay the extra cost for an expensive laminate type of jacket.

Easy to use, just spray on and allow to air dry. No heat setting required. Perfect for synthetic insulated garments, skiwear, leather and fabric footwear, tents, packs, outdoor gear and more!

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