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Here’s our list of the top 5 attractions to check out while in South Africa.

5 Must-See Attractions in South Africa

The Republic of South Africa is located on the southern tip of Africa, and is a multi-ethnic society, bringing together a range of cultures. While here, you will find miles and miles of beaches and coastline, as well as lush nature reserves and exotic animals. For an amazing, rounded experience in South Africa, we’ve come up with a list of the top 5 attractions you can check out:


1. Cape Town & Cape Peninsula. ​

​The Cape is known for its remarkable beauty, celebrity beaches, world-class shopping destinations, vibrant nightlife, and activities like whale-watching. It is South Africa’s most beautiful, most romantic and most visited city. Experience what so much people love about this amazing destination.


2. Kruger National Park

South Africa is rich with parks and reserves where nature stays undisturbed by modern infrastructure. Kruger National Park is the most well known park in SA and is a world-renowned place to observe and get up close to exotic wild animals including the “big five”. It covers 200 hectares and contains 16 different ecosystems. Be sure to check it out via a 4x4 or walking safari.


3. The Winelands

South Africa is home to world-class wineries which produce award-winning wines. You can check out a range of great wine routes which will take you through green valleys and historic towns, while you try out award-winning cuisine as well.


4. Garden Route

The Garden Route holds legendary status as South Africa’s “paradise Eden”. It is a coastal plain with forested areas cut by rivers. This is a perfect spot for thrill seekers and nature lovers in search of an outdoor adventure you will find nowhere else in the world.


5. Durban beachfront

If you are looking for sun and sand, this is the place to head. You will find golden sandy beaches to enjoy, as well as opportunities for surfing and water sports. There is also a fantastic marine park, where you can see a range of aquatic creatures.


There are numerous other amazing places to visit in South Africa, so feel free to do your own research; but this list pretty much sums up all the best categories. We hope you enjoy your trip to this amazing country!


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