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Four Seasons Resort Hualalai Think of the one place that you must visit before you kick the bucket…and if it is not Four Seasons Hualalai at the Historic Ka’upulehu, make a change. This is one place that you cannot miss out on traveling and staying. It is what the romantic poets call ‘heav’n on earth’. read more
Hard Rock Hotel Chicago The Windy City, aka Chicago, is renowned for its television, active nightlife, jazz music, and of course – for being the hometown of President Barrack Obama. Amidst this huge city and its hustle and bustle, there is a hidden gem that everyone who seeks to have some fun time needs to know about. Its name is Hard Rock Hotel Chicago. read more
Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland, formerly known as Doonbeg Golf Resort has been rated as the #1 resort in Europe by Condé Nast Traveler. It is a spectacular waterfront resort that is a few minutes from the Irish village of Doonberg. read more
55 Spanish words you need to know 406 million people speak Spanish as natives and another 60 million as a second language. Another group of 20 million students speak it as a foreign language. This statistics place Spanish at the second place after Mandarin as the most spoken native language. It also happens to be one of the six official languages of the UN and the official language of the European Union and Mercosur. It goes without saying then, that learning this language has immeasurable value to you both as a tourist and as a traveling businessman. Below are a few basic words and phrases that you will need to master. read more
30 Polish words you need to know Learn the following phrases and words and your stay in Poland, a country in Central Europe might become more enjoyable. read more


The Emerald Isle is closer than you might think. Starting June 15, 2014* WestJet will be offering their first transatlantic service from St. John's, Newfoundland to Dublin, Ireland, with connecting service from several other Canadian destinations.

Did you know that St. John's is closer to Dublin than Calgary? And once you get there, Dublin Airport provides more than 100 non-stop flights to other European destinations. Whether it is your final destination or a jumping off point to Europe and beyond, WestJet is happy to help you get across the pond and UNIGLOBE Travel can take care of all your travel needs.

Scheduled service starts daily from St. John's on June 15, 2014 to October 5, 2014

Toronto (direct same plane), Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Hamilton, Kelowna, Montreal, Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg to Dublin**  - daily June 15, 2014 to October 5, 2014

**Available daily through connections. Guests flying from Toronto will stop in St. John's but will have the same plane to Dublin.

Good things come in 7s. 77 degrees, $77 Resort Credit, Rates starting at $277 Check out the Sunsational Getaway Savings read more
Fun Facts about Basel Located at the congruence of the Swiss, French and German borders is the third largest city in Switzerland after Zurich and Geneva - Basel. It is an amalgamation of the French, German and Swiss suburbs that make a population of about 830,000 people. Due to its position on the map, the city is one of the most culturally rich cities in the world. From the French fashion and Romance to the German ballet and music to the Swiss class and aristocracy, a visitor to this city will never fail to get impressed. Trust me; you would want to know the following fun facts about the city. read more
A brief history of Xiamen Amazingly, this city was one of the four cities that were earmarked as special economic zones open for foreign investments when China started reforming its economics in 1980's. Today, it is a place you would want to visit. However, before you visit, know a little bit of the city's history as espoused below. read more
A brief history of Guangzhou Nestled on the ever graceful Pearl River, the city of Guangzhou has always been a busy commercial hub. Today, it is the capital of the Guangdong province, People's Republic of China. Perhaps due to the over 40 million people that occupy the built-up area that is today called Pearl River Delta Mega City; the city was identified as a Beta World City by the global city index produced by the GaWC, the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. But the city has not always been as big or as busy. Below is a small chronology of how the city came to be. read more

Europe Your Way!

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Valid for travel completed by Dec. 31, 2014. Minimum 5-night stay required.
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5 things business travellers need to know about Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, the capital and second largest city in the US state of Louisiana is a major industrial, petrochemical, medical, and research center of the American South. Below are some things a business traveller might be interested to know about the city. read more
5 exercises you can do in your hotel room to stay fit Modern business executive is a regular traveller. He will always find himself in this or that city hotel where he cannot fully commit to his regular exercise regimen. If you are one of these regular travellers, below are a few pointers that can help you keep fit even as you conduct your business. read more
Feel Safe While Away with Distress Signal App Most people will panic. However, there is a new mobile app that can sort all your problems. The app contains a GPS mapping tool that can track you to your exact location in a process called localization. In case you want help in an emergency, all you are required is to send a distress signal to the local authorities and you will be helped within no time. read more
Enjoy a Relaxing Stay at the Hilton St. Louis Airport Looking for a hotel at Lambert St. Louis International Airport? Then check out the Hilton St. Louis Airport. This hotel offers comfortable rooms, a business center with meeting rooms, audio/visual equipment rentals, a fitness center and a pool. read more
Business Travel Blues: Is Your Team Feeling Lonely? Are you considering your team's needs when sending them away on business? You may be surprised to discover that things aren't as wonderful as they seem. read more
A Healthy Business can start at the Springmaid Beach Resort Beach Resorts are not only for families and vacations. They can prove to be healthy for starting a new business. read more
If you are looking for a repellent spray, this is for you! read more
Get Captivating Photos With The Help Of The Joby Gorillapod Magnetic Learn more about yet another innovative creation from the creators of Gorillapod. read more
Get the Cheapest Flights with Flightfox, a Premium Flight Finder Are you constantly on a globetrotting mission? Then saving on your flights will financially help you a lot! read more
Secure Your Baggage with the Safe Skies TSA Luggage Strap Want to keep your luggage in safety but are tired of airport security clipping your baggage lock? Then you should definitely purchase today’s featured travel accessory. read more
Minimize your luggage clutter by bringing a compact charger that could juice up two devices, including your laptop. read more
MiFi for the Traveller Always on the Go! Does business travel give you stress as you struggle to stay connected? Well, not with MiFi in your pocket! read more

London Cityscape against the River Thames

If you're planning a business trip to London, you're probably looking for a healthy combination of convenience and luxury - a close trip to your conferences or meetings, and plenty of hotel accommodations to ensure a smooth stay.  

Considering how expensive this city is, these types of hotels can be costly, so a more effective way to save travel cash (not only for your accommodation but for your food and drinks as well) is to get a hotel room a couple of minutes away from the city centre.

This is what The Inspector of the Daily Mail UK did as he opted for a £175-room in the newly-opened hotel chain that originated in Netherlands, namely CitizenM (“An Inspector Calls at… CitizenM, South London”). He found this hotel an “exciting place to stay in a great location” as it is strategically situated at the back of Tate Modern.

Here’s an excerpt from his review:

-- offering trailblazing technology, grown-up service, an easy-going atmosphere and a self confidence that never strays into arrogance. It's quirky, too. You check yourself in at terminals by the door where there is plenty of bright-eyed staff ready to help out if you press the wrong buttons… The whole of the ground floor is open-plan, but cleverly broken up by bookcases, modern sofas, tables and, at its heart, a big bar where you can perch on a stool and order whatever you want 24 hours a day. There's lot of attitude (and art) and yet it's all wonderfully relaxed. Behind the bar there's a hot-and-cold buffet and a fridge stacked with sushi.

Check out the rest of his hotel review here, and know how high or low he has rated London’s CitizenM Hotel.

So get started with your travel plans to London now by speaking with our travel experts!

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